Why not upgrade to a 2-in-1?

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look cool and professional at the next business presentation? You always want to look sharp and impressive enough to win clients, right? Well, why not invest in a 2-in-1? It’s light, flexible, powerful and looks really cool..like seriously it does!

Take the Lenovo Flex.  It’s thin, light and foldable. With a sleek 15.6” touchscreen to match, it offers multiple ways to engage: classic laptop mode for maximum productivity, stand mode for an optimal touch experience, tent mode for gaming & entertainment.

We have it in stock running on Intel Core i5, 1TB storage with 4GB RAM and Windows 10. All the space and speed you need for your next big presentation. Oh, one last thing, Lenovo was voted the best laptop brand in 2018 by Laptop Mag so you know you’re getting the very best!