DOS laptops vs Windows OS laptops

Two laptops of the same brand and model have the same hardware specifications with only one difference: one is marked as having DOS and the other is marked as having Windows OS. What should you choose?

DOS (Disk Operating System) is an actual operating system and has no graphical interface. It features a black background and white text. You manoeuvre around by keying in commands that are text based. Nothing exciting there! But what are the benefits of purchasing a DOS laptop over its Windows counterpart?

Purchasing cost is less. A DOS laptop is cheaper than one with Windows. The laptop manufacturers have no licenses to pay since DOS is an open source project and that benefit is transferred to you.

Variety of options. With a DOS laptop you can choose to install whichever other OS (and version) you want. You may decide to go with Ubuntu OS or Windows OS version 10,8, 7 etc. the options are there.

Main disadvantage? It will eventually cost you more should you choose to install Windows OS later on. A genuine Windows costs money and installing a cracked version is both illegal and dangerous. Non genuine software may compromise your laptop or the contents of it such as data should there be a security breach or attacks.

The takeaway is this: if you plan to eventually use Windows, then its best to buy the laptop that comes with Windows. Save yourself the hassle at the onset. If you plan to use a different OS other than Windows then purchasing a DOS laptop is a good choice.